A Totally Different MTB Race February 19-22, 2020 Timna Park, Southern Arava


Dear friends, SAMARATHON 2019 is in the books, and if you want to know how it rolled, have a look at the following Videos and Photos Galleries.

Details on Samarathon 2020 will follow.



Stage 1 - Prologue Ketura

Stage 2 -  Ketura - Neot Semadar

Stage 3 - Neot Semadar - Timna

Stage 4 - Timna Singletrack Fest



The full open galley with more than 15,000 photos is here.

Our Highlights Gallery is here.



Full results can be found here.


Samarathon 2019. The 5th edition of the desert singletrack race returns to the wilderness of the Negev and Southern Arava Desert, to the ancient camel trails, the singletracks of the Israel Bike Trail and the amazing riders’ village in Timna Park.

Samarathon is an adventure that will thoroughly exhaust you but will leave just enough energy to enjoy and recharge yourself at the riders’ village, like you would have done on your biking trip with your ride buddies.

NEW For 2019: Samarathon is U.C.I. sanctioned and is growing to 4 days!

The 2019 edition is accredited by the UCI. Apart from appearing on the yearly U.C.I. calendar, the top riders of the Male and Female categories will get UCI points for their world ranking that can help them gain the slot to the Tokyo Olympic Games, prize money according to UCI rules and more. As part of becoming a UCI sanctioned MTB marathon, Samarathon is growing to 4 racing days: 1 Prologue plus 3 full stages.

  • Prologue: in the Mitzpe Ramon Area.
  • 3 full stages in the Eilot Region, including a singletrack party in Timna Park with a newly built 40km loop for the last stage on Saturday Feb 16th.

Ride more than 230 tough kilometers away from civilization, within wide horizons of primordial vistas, and a total of roughly 40% singletracks, skillfully built to give you the perfect flow.

Enjoy desert hospitality in a wild and awesome riders’ village and a variety of accommodation levels, from BYO tent to B&B luxury rooms.

Find a partner 
Train hard 
Drink beers 
See ya on Feb 13th!