We think that a tent in the Riders Village is the best thing ever. But that's us. If you need a real bed, private toilets and a roof above, go ahead and choose between a double room, quadruple room or a caravn, in Timna Park or in one of the Kibbutzim in the area. 
Choose your accommodation package when you register. Both team members share the accommodation package. The number of rooms is limited. 

All registration packages include 3 nights, meals from the start of the race to its finish, full service with all race amenities, the race jersey and goodie-bag. Here are the options:

  • BYO Tent: The basic yet favorite accommodation option in Samarathon: We supply a shaded and lit area, a mat and a mattress if needed. You bring your own tent and sleeping bag. Shared toilets and bathrooms. Each team can bring 2 personal tents or one family tent. 2,190 ILS per rider
  • Samarathon Bedouin Tent: The recommended option for those who don’t bring their own tent: We supply a mattress in a large shared Bedouin tent, you bring your sleeping bag. The tents are lit, heated and it's possible to draw partitions in them for small groups. Female riders can have a separate partition. Shared toilets and bathrooms. 2,350 ILS per rider
  • 4-Bed Room: Includes 4 beds, bathroom, kitchenette. The assignments of 2 teams per room are made through a process based on your requests and availability. Those who will not make a request before the deadline will be assigned to the remaining available rooms. The rooms are in Kibbutz Elifaz (5 minutes drive from Timna), Kibbutz Ketura (20 min), Kibbutz Eilot (25 min) or in Kibbutz Lotan (25 min). 2,750 ILS per rider

  • Double Room: Includes 2 separable beds, bathroom, kitchenette. The rooms are in Kibbutz Elifaz (5 minutes drive from Timna), Kibbutz Ketura (20 min), Kibbutz Eilot (25 min) or in Kibbutz Lotan (25 min). 3,250 ILS per rider

  • Double Villa-Camper: In Timna Park. A combination of tent+caravan with 2 sheeted beds. Shared toilets and bathrooms. 2,950 ILS per rider

  • Private Caravan:  In Timna Park. Caravan for 2 with sheeted beds, sitting area, kitchenette, air conditioning, water and elactricity. 3,390 ILS per rider