Welcome to the very heart of Samarathon. At the end of the day, it's the ride that makes the event. The courses, the vistas, the FLOW. The endless games the course planners are playing with the rider and with nature: From ascent to descent, from singletrail to desert jeep road, from a narrow wind-shielding canyon to a long flat path, exposed to all elements. It's never dull - and almost never easy.
Our team believes that in this product, a multi-stage bike event, the most fundemental part is the ride. And we make our outmost to take you to new and different areas and to give you a new challenge and a new flavor every year. We build new desert singltrails with huge investment, get rare authorizations to pass in remote nature reserves, spend resourses on shuttles to give you fresh point-to-point experiences, pass you through 3 (3!) different start/finish points and build in each of them bike parkings, tech zones, etc. 

In 2019 we take you to a whole new and exciting prologue in Mitzpe Ramon, along the cliffs of the Makhtesh. The 4th and last stage will take you to some brand new hand-built singletrails in the amazing Timna Park. We hope to succeed in giving you a unique and totally mind-blowing riding experience that will deepen your love for the desert and its trails! 

Let's look at some basic info about the stages to give you a rough idea. More details will be added closer to the event:

Prologue - Stage 1 - Wednedsay 13/2 - Circular from Mitzpe Ramon
18km  //  264m climb/descent

Stage 2 - Thursday 14/2 - Yotvata to Neot Smadar
76km  //  1,300m climb  //  973m descent

Stage 3 - Friday 15/2 - Neot Smadar to Timna Park
83km  //  1,140m climb  //  1,360m descent

Stage 4 - Saturday 16/2 - Circular from Timna Park
* Description and full detals of this stage will be updated during January 2019, when the building of the new Timna Park Singletrails is completed. The planned length of the stage will be 55-60km with 700-800m of climb/descent. Here are some photos of the trail being built, just to get your juices flowing...