Samarathon 2020 – News Flash and Updates

Dear friends,

We are excited to reveal to you the new outline of Samarathon 2020, a desert mountain bike marathon race, with abundant amount of daily singletracks.

The 2020 Samarathon offers two different events or participation options:

1. A top-level 2 stages competitive and highly enjoyable event.

2. A professional UCI 4-stage S2 event.

Here’s a short description of each one of the events. Stages description, more details, registration prices, accomodation packages and more, will be updated to the event’s internet site this week, so make sure to check at:

1. Samarathon 2020 - The heart of this year's Samarathon will be a two-day team (2 riders) MTB marathon:

Stage 1 - Friday, February 21, 2020 - Point To Point from Kibbutz Ketura to Timna Park, 71 km with accumulated vertical ascent of 1,580 meters.

Stage 2 - Saturday, February 22, 2020 – Circular ride from Timna Park, 57 km with accumulated vertical ascent of 1,320 meters.

Our slogan is: Ride Hard, Live Harder, and while in our event you will experience it both figuratively and literally…
The moment you’ll leave the start line, you’ll be a part of a professional international mountain bike race, with spectacular but super challenging courses, a very high competitive level and a complete service package that includes feeding stations every 30 km, medical and media teams, technical workshops, secured bike park and more, but on the other hand, at the end of each stage, you’ll be able to connect to the relaxing desert vibe that Timna Park offers to your body and soul, and to the plentyful recovery options our Riders Village has to offer, like the Yoga, mindfulness and stretching compound, Rider’s Pub, a fine mediterranean cuisine, sport massage or just hang out and get some winter tan on one of the benches on the shore of Timna Lake.

 The Samarathon 2020 (two day) is designated to experienced expert riders who know how to enjoy from both these worlds. It’s tailor made to competitors who look for a multi-day season opener event. This 2-day version is relatively light on your pocket, family and work, and won’t require half a year of pre-training.
The Samarathon is an extraordinary cycling event on the world map: While most of Europe and North America are still cold, rainy and muddy, join us in your summer clothes and sunscreen lotion on the flowing and beautiful trails in the heart of the flowering desert, Designed By Riders For Riders and by caravans of camels throughout centuries.

At each stage your ride will be long, beautiful and challenging. The desert routes will test thoroughly your equipment as well as yourself, but in the end, you can sit back, relax in the shade with a glass of beer or a protein smoothie, and soak in the power of the desert, away from disturbances and external stimuli, and enjoy the peace and tranquility it is known to offer.

The Samarathon offers a number of full board accommodation packages, from the start line until your return home.

• Dinner and accommodation can be added to the base package for Thursday night (20.2.2020) to allow arrival to Timna area without any pressure.

• Cars and bikes must reach Ketura independently for the start of Stage 1; Organizers will shuttle drivers from the finish line in Timna in buses to pick up their vehicles that were left at Kibbutz Ketura; Teams that will sleep over around Timna on Thursday, are asked to place their bikes at the secured Bike Park at Ketura, on their way to the chosen site of accommodation.

• For riders who want a longer desert ride and, of course, for our guests coming from abroad, Timna Bike Park team of professional instructors and guides, will offer to join in guided cycling in the area, on the two days prior to the competition.


2. Samarathon UCI- a 4-stage mountain bike race, aimed at a professional and competitive crowd, who is in the midst of collecting UCI points for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.
As mentioned, alongside the 2-day Samarathon, the Israel Cycling Association, the U.C.I. and the Samarathon organizers will hold the S2-rated 4 days race:

 Stage 1 - Wednesday, 19.2.2020 - Prologue stage in Timna Park - 12 km on 290 meters of accumulated vertical ascent.

 Stage 2 - Thursday, February 20, 2020 - Short Course Cross Country race - 2km course, 6 laps (not-final).

Stage 3 - Friday, February 21, 2020 - Point To Point from Kibbutz Ketura to Timna Park, 71 km on 1,580 meters of accumulated vertical ascent (identical to the two-day competition).

 Stage 4 - Saturday, February 22, 2020 - Circular from Timna Park, 57 km on 1,320 meters of accumulated vertical ascent (identical to two-day competition).



 Although the UCI Samarathon is designed for UCI pro and semi-pro racers, the event will welcome any team of riders who fills the registration requirements (namely a medical health form signed by a Doctor and a personal accident insurance for competitive sports). The UCI Samarathon (4 days) is a great platform that can serve as a season opening training camp and a last refinement before the competitive season. In order to maximize the potential for UCI competitors, we are partnering with the Sunshine Cup and Sunshine Epic events in Cyprus, that will be held one week after the Samarathon. Discounted combined packages and airline tickets will be offered soon.



Over the next week we will be updating the info on our internet site, including prices for accommodation packages and more. Feel free to follow our Facebook Page, Instagram or follow the updates on

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Train hard,

Drink a beer, 

Take out your summer riding kit - 

And see you on the start line…


The Samarathon team.