Registration Packages for 2021 Full Samarathon and Lite Samarathon

The Samarathon offers a number of registration packages, and the difference between them is the standard of accommodation for riders.

The basic option was built in mind for riders who want to invest most of their money in the competition itself and not in the additional activities (did anyone say students?), and is based on setting up a BYO tent (acronym for Bring Your Own) in the car park at Timna Lake.

The exact opposite range of accommodation and pricing is the double room – offering maximum comfort optimal for two participants competing together. Here you enjoy private showers and toilets, air conditioning, charging sockets, wireless internet, TV for those who cannot live without and a packed breakfast delivered to the refrigerator in the room - but you will pay accordingly. Choose from a range of rooms available on Elifaz, Ketura, Eilot, Yahel and Lotan.

Between these two extremes there are two more levels of accommodation and pricing, but by and large, we try to accommodate for every rider’s budget.

Important! - When registering, select the desired accommodation package - both riders share the same accommodation package, and pay with one credit card. The number of guest rooms in Eilot Regional Council is limited, and this is the accommodation option that traditionally runs out of the site for the first time in six years - please ensure to register ASAP.


Rise in Prices, and Early Bird Discounts

All package prices have risen this year by 8% -10% compared to last year. The Covid -19 pandemic makes it difficult to produce large out-door events and as a result our logistics and accommodation rates exceed well-over ten percent. All accommodation providers have raised their accommodation and catering prices due to their increase in cost.

We have new limitations, which involves huge expenses, which we did not face in previous years. If in the past we shuttled all Samarathon participants to the two stages of Point To Point on five buses every morning, this year we will need 12 buses. The ‘refueling’ station at the 30 km point will be split this year into two ‘refueling’ stations and a usher who will direct each pair that arrives to another station in order to prevent large crowds at the stations, and at the same time not ask sweaty and stressed riders to wait patiently in the middle of competition…

These are just two examples of the resolutions we are dealing with in order to sustain the event under the new constraints, and the costs they impose on production. We hope you understand the evil of the decree.


Early Registration Early Bird Discounts

This year all event discounts will be given to those who pre-register.

The following is the policy for distributing discounts for Full Samarathon and Lite- Samarathon competitions:


Full Samarathon - Registration opens on Sunday 6.9.2020 at 12:00 noon:

The first 50 couples who register for the competition will enjoy a discount of 400 NIS per couple!

The next 50 couples (51 to 100 couples) who register for the competition will enjoy a discount of 200 NIS per couple!


Sign Up Here for the Full Samarathon



Samarathon Lite - Registration opens on Friday 11.9.2020 at 12:00 exactly:

The first 50 couples who register for the competition will enjoy a discount of NIS 200 per couple!


Sign Up Here for the Lite Samarathon

 Registration for the 2021 Samarathon is reserved for the first five days (6-11.9.2020) for full Samarathon participants only, and only then will open for Samarathon Lite participants.